Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

Until death do us apart: living in a symbiotic world

FCUL, Lisboa
Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

Symbiosis is a key strategy for life on Earth. Nevertheless, although many research groups have long been committed to the study of symbiosis, its definition and functioning are not fully understood, and its ecological role and relevance are still underestimated.

Symbiotic associations vary from parasitism to mutualism and even simple persistent biological interactions, making the knowledge fragmented and focused on the details of single symbiotic systems. Knowledge of the various symbiotic relationships is rapidly increasing with the development of -omics tools, but without efforts to find common grounds.

In this course, we promote a different approach, in which different symbiotic systems are studied to highlight congruencies in symbiotic interactions. The integration and synthesis of existing knowledge on various symbiotic systems at genetic, biochemical, physiological, ecological and social levels can bring out models and tools for the research and exploitation of symbiosis concept in biotechnology, from agriculture to marine science, to global ecosystem functioning.

Date: February 4th, 2019 to February 8th, 2019
Deadline for Applications: December 14th, 2018

Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

With this course, we aim at providing the participants with the basics of lichen biology and ecology, biomonitoring and data analysis methods to allow the use of lichens for the interpretation of the environmental conditions and the development of a responsible scientific-based

XXII Symposium of Cryptogamic Botany

This biennial symposium will gather experts on fungi, algae, lichens,  bryophytes and ferns to discuss up-to-date science on cryptogamic systematics, physiology and ecophysiology, application and technology, and urban, tropical and global change ecology.

15th European Ecological Federation (EEF) Congress

The overarching theme of this conference, Embedding Ecology in Sustainable Development Goals, is intended to promote discussions and interactions on how to integrate basic and applied ecological research, and their trans-disciplinarily impacts, for the eff

Young scientists in the Marine Natural Products (MNP) field from all over the world are especially encouraged to participate.

Protolang 6

The Protolang conference series creates an interdisciplinary platform for scholarly discussion on the origins of symbolic communication distinctive of human beings.

We welcome scholars to participate in a one-day workshop on how language has been defined and approached differentially throughout history within philosophical, linguistic, psychological, and socio-anthropological schools of thought.

No âmbito das comemorações do IYPT2019, o Departamento de Química e Bioquímica de Ciências ULisboa convida as escolas secundárias a participar num Congresso sob o tema “O que existe no meu mundo” que irá englobar comunicações orais ou em painel e quizzes

A conferência pretende ser um ponto de encontro para investigadores, ativistas, gestores públicos e empreendedores envolvidos com temas de economia social e solidária, gestão dos bens comuns e novos movimentos sociais em diferentes regiões e países do mundo.