PhD Programmes

Within the national calls for submissions opened by FCT (Foundation for Sciences and Technology), the Faculty of Sciences, either as a promoter or participant, takes part in 15 PhD programmes selected for funding.

The selected PhD programmes cover the areas of Life and Healthcare Sciences, Exact and Engineering Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Natural and Environmental Sciences, some of them undertaken in the industry. A large number of scholarships will be available for highly motivated students who take part in these PhD programmes; students will be selected by the executive commissions of the different PhD programmes.

The Faculty of Sciences was the leading promoter of the application process in four programmes:


PCCSDP - Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies

PCCSDP - Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies

The PhD programme in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies is a joint initiative of the University of Lisbon and Nova University of Lisbon, which was held for the first time in 2009-2010. It is an interdisciplinary programme focused on the fields of environmental sciences and social sciences and it runs in partnership with the University of East Anglia UK, an institution of international reference in this field. The programme's academic staff and researchers, from the two state Universities of Lisbon, have published recognised scientific work in the areas of climate change and sustainable development.

The PhD Programme has the duration of 3 years and it includes a course in advanced interdisciplinary training between physical, natural, social and human sciences in the 1st and 2nd semesters. It has a diverse target audience, including environment, planning and energy professionals, among others, as well as students willing to pursue an academic career. 


BioSys - Biological Systems, Functional and Integrative Genomics

BioSys - Biological Systems, Functional and Integrative GenomicsBioFIG - Centre for Biodiversity, Functional and Integrative Genomics has a direct role in this programme, a cooperation that crosses departmental borders and involves intense international collaboration. With maximum ranking in all assessed areas, the programme received funding for a total of four editions, with five national scholarships and 6 mixed scholarships per year, in a total of 44 scholarships for the duration of the programme's funding (2014-2017).


EarthSystems – Lisbon's Doctoral School of Earth Sciences

This programme is led by IDL - Instituto Dom Luiz (Associated Laboratory), and it includes researchers from the University of Lisbon Centres of Geology, Oceanography and Statistics, LARSYS (Associated Laboratory) and the Portuguese Marine and Atmosphere Institute (IPMA). The programme received funding for 32 PhD scholarships distributed along 4 annual editions, half of which involving international research projects.


FCTAS - International Doctoral Programme in Philosophy of Science, Technology, Art and Society

FCTAS - International Doctoral Programme in Philosophy of Science, Technology, Art and Society

Under the coordination of the Centre for Philosophy of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, the programme includes 40 researchers (30 national and 10 international) from different universities, schools and institutes of the University of Lisbon (Faculties of Sciences, Law, Medicine, Arts, Fine Arts, Institute of Social Sciences, Higher Technical Institute and Institute of Systems and Robotics), University of Aveiro, Lisbon Polytechnic Institute (School of Music) and University of Seville (Faculty of Philosophy, Research Group in Logic, Language and Information).

Assessed with the maximum ranking, the programme received funding for 5 annual scholarships (2 national and 3 mixed), in a total of 20 scholarships during the period of 2014-2017.


Lismath - Lisbon Mathematics PhD

The Department of Mathematics offers a doctoral program (3rd cycle) in Mathematics. The first year consists of doctoral courses (Curso de Formação Avançada), taken for credit. The remaining three years are dedicated to the elaboration of a doctoral thesis, with original research. The program is mainly directed to students with a Master course in Mathematics (2nd cycle), or similar area. It is prepared to receive students from all over the world and, in particular, from portuguese speaking countries. Prospective students can apply for financing in Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) or to scholarships associated to research centers. The coordinators of the program is Professor Teresa Monteiro Fernandes.

This doctoral program is associated to the doctoral program of the Department of Mathematics of Instituto Superior Técnico by means of a scholarship program called LisMath ( This scholarship program is financed by FCT and brings together two of the main doctoral programs in Mathematics in Portugal, both offered by institutions of the Universidade de Lisboa: Faculdade de Ciências and Instituto Superior Técnico. It is planned that 9 PhD scholarships will be offered per year, during four years.

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List of all approved doctoral programmes with the participation of the Faculty of Sciences:

Approved doctoral programmes with the participation of the Faculty of Sciences
Acronym Doctoral Programme Promoting University Degree Awarding Universities Participating R&D Units
PCCSDP Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies UL UL and UNL SIM
BIOSYS Biological Systems, Functional and Integrative Genomics UL UL BioFIG
EARTHSYSTEMS Lisbon's Doctoral School of Earth Sciences UL UL IDL, IPMA, CO, CG, CEAUL and LARSYS
FCTAS International Doctoral Programme in Philosophy of Science, Technology, Art and Society UL UL CFCUL, FDUL, IST, FBAUL, ICS, ISR, FF-U. Sevilha, FCUL, FLUL, FMUL, UA and IPL
BIODIV Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution UP UL and UP CIBIO, INBIO, CBA, FCUP and FCUL
BEGC/BEAG Biology and Ecology of Global Change UA UL and UA CESAM, FCUL, U. F. Ceará, Essentia Portugal, U. F. Goiás, IREC-U. Castilla la Mancha, SB. Saint Andrews, Instituto Ecológica, U. Michigan, U. F. Bahia, Gent University and Bioforsk
CATSUS Catalysis and Sustainability UL UL, UNL and UC CQB and CCMM
DAEPHYS Applied Physics and Engineering Physics UC UA, UL, UNL and UC LIP, CI/FCT/UC and I3N
IDPASC-PORTUGAL Physics, Astrophysics and Particle Cosmology UL UL, UP, UE, UC and UM LIP, UM, UC, UE, FCUL, UP and IST
DP-AEM Applied and Environmental Microbiology UM UNL, UL and UM CBMA, IST,  ITQB, FCUL and CEB
NEURULISBOA Integrative Neuroscience Ul UL IMM, IST, FPUL, PPUL and IBEB
SPACE PhD Network in Space Sciences UP UP and UL CAUP E CAAUL
SES Sustainable Energy Systems UP UL, UC and UP MIT, UC, UL, IDL, LARSYS, LAETA, INESC Coimbra, CICC and CESA