International Student

1st period of applications: 01st February – 23rd March 2018
(1st Cycle course - Bachelor and Integrated Master Degree)


The International Student is the one that does not have Portuguese nationality.

Who cannot apply as an International Student?

  • Nationals of a European Union country;
  • Those, who are not nationals of a European Union country, and live in Portugal for more than two years, uninterruptedly, at 31st August of the year intended to register and enroll in a higher education establishment. For studying purposes the length of residence, with residence permit, is not relevant;
  • Those who want to register an enroll through the Special Conditions of Entrance ( Decreto-Lei nº 393-A/99, de 2 de outubro, alterado pelo Decreto-Lei nº 272/2009, de 1 de outubro );
  • Foreign students that are currently registered and enrolled at a Portuguese higher education institution through an international mobility programme, in order to complete part of a cycle of studies from a foreign higher education institution, with whom the Portuguese institution has established an exchange agreement for that purposes.

All the information available on the special access for International Students can be found in the following legislation:

The first document (Decreto-Lei n.º 36/2014, de 10 de março) establishes the International Student conditions and the requirements that an applicant must have in order to apply to a higher education institution.

This information does not discharge the reading of the above mentioned legislation.