Tuition Fees

For the academic year 2022/2023, the tuition fees for International Students are (please read the Order D/46/2022):

  • For 1st Cycle (Bachelor) course: 7.000,00€/Year.
  • For 2nd Cycle (Master) course: 7.000,00€/Year, except:
    • Masters of 90ECTS (1st year: 7.000,00€; 2nd year/semester: 3.500,00€);
    • Master in Biology of Plant Resources (3.000,00€/Year);
    • Master in Financial Mathematics (1st year: 3.900,00€; 2nd year: 1.300,00€);
    • Master in Cognitive Science (1.200,00€/Year);
    • Master in Scientific Culture and Outreach in Science (1.200,00€/Year).