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Welcome to the Department of Informatics

The Department of Informatics (DI) of the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL) is responsible for highly specialized courses in the area of informatics, in the three cycles of higher education: undergraduate, Master’s and PhD. This area has a long tradition at FCUL, over 3 decades, since the launch of a pioneer course in Computer Science in 1982.

Each year more than 170 new students are admitted in the first cycle courses in Informatics Engineering and Information Technology. The Master’s in Informatics Engineering guarantees comprehensive training in Informatics Engineering and is accredited with the professional title of Engineer. The Master’s in Informatics is aimed at complementary training in informatics for non-engineers. The Master's degrees in Computer Security, Data Science, and Bioinformatics and Computational Biology are pioneer programmes in the country and at the vanguard of highly specialized and growing areas. In the third cycle, the PhD in Informatics is the primary medium of training in advanced research. The department is also involved in several other interdisciplinary courses of second and third cycles, offered at Universidade de Lisboa.

The department's action plan through the years has been marked by an intense collaboration with companies and other external organisations, with fruitful results for both parties.  According to the most recent figures published by independent entities, our students have an employability rate that is close to 100%, achieving full employment in most cases. There has been a consistent number of internships offers that outnumber our Master’s finalists, ensuring a privileged gateway to those who want to enter the labour market. We have recently established several prizes for the best undergraduate and master’s students in collaboration with companies such as Accenture and MAXDATA, thus encouraging demand and rewarding excellence.

Our faculty belongs to two scientific research units recognized by the national Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and an autonomous research group with a strong connection to training postgraduate students. These units promote interdisciplinary initiatives that result from our partnerships with the most reputed information technology companies and foster close links with other schools and departments, both within the university and at an international level.

We are located at Cidade Universitária, one of the best places to have an academic career, with its large areas, sports facilities, and a unique location with easy access to all of Lisbon.

In summary, the Department provides to its more than 1000 students a solid training in the field of Informatics, with a forefront curriculum supported by high quality scientific research and close collaborations with the business ecosystem.

Manuel J. Fonseca
Head of Department