Solid Earth Seminars

Follow that stone! Geological clues for human mobility in Prehistory

Transmissão através de Videoconferência

Por Patrícia Jordão (Instituto Dom Luiz, Portugal).

Flint is the oldest and widespread raw material explored on Earth. Petroarchaeological studies of lithic raw materials are a powerful tool to bound the human mobility and to characterize the social role of these artefacts. This ongoing project is based in a geoarchaeological methodology to study the provenance of the lithic assemblage from walled settlements of Portuguese Estremadura dated from 5Th millennium BP. (1) The research focuses in the archaeological site of Zambujal (Torres Vedras, Portugal) as the case study to realize the petroarchaeological characterization of flint; (2) the petroarchaeological protocol is being successfully applied to other regional examples in Portuguese Estremadura; (3) the dimension and functionality of the settlements in a particular territory result from combined “chaîne opératoire” of the artefacts and sedimentary microfacies of flints correlated with the local/regional geological reference; (4) our first results suggest an intense flint sourcing and raw materials circulation network among Chalcolithic fortified enclosures questioning the significance of walls.

Transmissão em direto via Zoom (password: 2021_RG234).

IDL - Instituto Dom Luiz