ERASMUS+ Traineeship Offers

How to apply

  • Please consult the list of offers bellow
  • In case you are interested in joining a project, follow the application instructions that can be found in the offer form
  • When submitting the application by email to always indicate the reference number(s) of the offer(s)
  • If you are accepted, an Erasmus+ learning agreement for traineeships is also required. Please contact your home University International office/Coordinators for more details on internal application process before arriving at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.


Research Units at the Faculty of Sciences


List of Traineeship offers

Ref. Center/Department   Project On
8/2019 BioISI/Chemistry and Biochemistry Protein Misfolding in Metabolic Disorders 28/10/2019
7/2019 IDL_CQE/Geographic Engineering, Geophysics and Energy Material laser processing and characterization for energy production and storage 23/10/2019
6/2019 IBEB/Physics Genetic underpinnings of human brain function and structure 14/10/2019
5/2019 IBEB/Physics Multimodal biomarkers to predict the onset and prognosis of neuropsychiatric illnesses 14/10/2019
4/2019 IBEB/Physics The Neurobiology of Social Cognition 14/10/2019
3/2019 BioISI/Chemistry and Biochemistry Antimicrobial functional agents for water bio-decontamination 07/10/2019
2/2019 BioISI/Chemistry and Biochemistry Influence of mismatch novelty training in synaptic plasticty and monoaminergic inputs to the hippocampus 01/10/2019
1/2019 CFTC/Physics Fluid-structure interaction in heterogeneous porous media 25/09/2019