Library Regulation

Library Rules

These rules (approved for the Building C4 Library but valid for all Ciências Libraries) seek the collaboration of Ciências-Libraries users, namely in preserving and correctly using the documents, equipment and spaces that have been made available to them.


  1. The library reading rooms are open to anyone with a Ciências card (internal users), teachers, researchers, scholarship holders, students and non-teaching staff; 
  2. The Libraries are open for external users. When greatest affluence is noticed the priority will be for Ciências members;
  3. The Building C4 Library is also open to other users, both one-time and more regular users. Users who are not internal users (i.e. not a Ciências staff member, researcher, scholarship holder or student) must visit the security desk in Building C5 to register and apply for a visitor card in order to freely access documents; 
  4. Library users are authorised to use Library items, or their own (personal belongings, notebooks, personal computers), provided they do not disrupt the normal functioning of the Library; 
  5. It’s not permitted to use audible electronic devices including mobile phones;
  6. It is not permitted to talk, or transport or consume any food or beverages (including water in cups) in the Library reading rooms. Users may drink water from small bottles;
  7. Users may not remain in the reading rooms for purposes other than studying or reading;
  8. Users must not damage furniture or move the desks and chairs from the positions they are in; 
  9. It is expressly forbidden to scratch, fold or damage book or journal pages and covers, or to remove any Library markings (reference codes, stamps, or any other marks or signs);
  10. Non-compliance with the previous rule will result in the responsible party having to replace the publication in question, or paying for it in full, whichever the Library deems most appropriate; 
  11. Books taken out from shelves should not be reshelved, but left in the appropriate box, cart or place (which are expressly indicated);
  12. No-one is allowed to disturb, for whatever reason, the silence and tranquility of the Library; 
  13. Group study is only allowed in the proper rooms and provided the groups do not disturb the silence that is characteristic of a library and the tranquility that is required for the normal functioning of its services, and which occur in the main reading room (individual reading, database research, etc.). Groups may not exceed the number of seats available for each desk; Users who, after being notified, continue to neglect to comply with these rules shall be temporarily banned from entering the Library; 
  14. Users who, after being warned, repeatedly fail to comply with the provisions of these Regulations will be temporarily denied entry to the Library;
  15. The Library opening hours are displayed in a place visible to all, and any alterations to the regular schedule shall be appended to this notification;
  16. Reading room assistants shall notify users ten minutes before the Library closing time;
  17. According to law nr. 31/2019, of 3rd May, that regulates the use of personal digital devices and allows the digital photography at libraries and public archives, the Faculty of Sciences of University of Lisbon informs that are understood as personal digital devices, concerning this law, the personal computers, tablets, devices for data storage, readers and headsets for audio reproduction, mobile phones and digital cameras.
    Accordingly, and to allow the usage of these devices at Ciências libraries, the following requirements and recommendations are given:

    1. The use of personal digital devices to reproduce digital documents is permitted at libraries reading rooms, without additional cost.
    2. The digital devices, for personal use referred to above utilized to this end are mandatory be registered for library staff.
    3. The copyright of reproduced publications must be safeguarded, and these can-only be used for proven purposes, excluding their public availability or commercialization.
    4. The use by Library users of content protected by copyright in violation of applicable legislation determines their individual liability, under the general applicable terms, without causing any consequences for the Faculty of Sciences.
    5. For the purposes of the above, the brand, model and IMEI of the digital devices used will be registered by libraries and maintained in digital format.