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Tuition Fees 2022/2023

Detail of the Tuition Fees Table 2022/2023

Tuition Fees Table 2022/2023


The Tuition Fee Regulation of the University of Lisbon, approved by the Order No. 5621/2015 of 27 May, regulates matters related to tuition costs that are shared with students, by means of payment of an attendance fee to the institutions where students are enrolled, called tuition fee.

In accordance with the Order D/67/2022, of 24 November and the Order D/62/2022, of 07 October, the annual tuition fee may be settled in one single payment or in instalments.

Please read the information on payment deadlines and tuition fees for the academic year 2022/2023.

Other Courses: for tuition fees, please read the Resolution of 21 April 2022.


Grant holders

  • Grant holders from the Social Services of ULisboa (SASULisboa) must proceed with the payment of the overdue tuition fees within ten days as from the date of the start of the effective payment of scholarships and the other tuition fees in the dates established in the Order D/46/2022 (Section No. 2). When a grant application is rejected, students must pay all overdue tuition fees within ten days as from the date of reception of such notification.


Students who did not settle the tuition fees

  • Students who did not settle the tuition fees within the time limits may pay the amount owed plus interest, within the legal terms, in accordance with the provisions of Article 44 of the General Tax Law. The interest referred to shall be payable from the due date of each instalment.
  • The other consequences arising from non-payment of fees due should be consulted in the legislation in force and taking into account the period to which the debt relates:
    • Article 29 of Law No. 37/2003, of 22 August, as amended by Law No. 42/2019, of 21 June, with entry into force on 1 April, 2020, and in its previous wording;
    • Tuition Fees Regulation of the University of Lisbon, published in annex to the Order No. 5621/2015, of 27 May;
    • General Tax Law, published in an annex to Decree-Law No. 398/98, of 17 December, as currently worded.
  • Payment of tuition fees is no longer mandatory when a request for cancellation of registration in all course units for the ongoing academic year is accepted. All tuition fees continue to be due if the student has attended the programme.



The fees for each academic act are fixed in a specific table:

Fees (Faculty of Sciences)

Fees table

Fees Table (Faculty of Sciences)


Fees (University of Lisbon)

Pormenor da tabela de emolumentos da ULisboa

Fees Table (University of Lisbon)