The funding of state-owned higher education institutions takes into account the academic success of their students in accordance with Law No. 37/2003 of 22 August. 

Eligibility is the right to register in subsequent semesters. 

According to the Eligibility Regulation of the University of Lisbon, Bachelor and Integrated Masters' students that do not meet the following criteria may not register in programmes offered by the University of Lisbon:

Maximum number of semesters / ECTS earned
Maximum number of semesters
Programmes organised by ECTS
ECTS earned
3 0 - 59
4 60 - 119
5 120 - 179
6 180 - 239
8 240 - 359
9 360

The loss of eligibility prevents a student from attending the current programme or other programme at the University of Lisbon for a period of two consecutive semesters.

The counting of the total number of semesters starts as from the 2008/2009 academic year (1st registration). 

Limits do not apply to working students and soldiers, according to the applicable legislation. Students who have applied for Special Status or that meet one of the criteria listed in the Eligibility Regulation are also covered by the special eligibility regime (each registration only counts as 0.5).

According to Article 5 (Number 3) of Law No. 38/2020 of 18 August, as amended by Article 5 of Law No. 35/2021 of 8 June, the school years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 are not considered for the purposes of counting the limitation period.