Chemistry and Biochemistry

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (DQB)


DQB is recognized as a center of excellence in teaching and scientific/technological research in Chemistry and Biochemistry, meeting the highest international standards. It has a highly qualified teaching staff, motivated and based on a high-quality research activity. It is attended by around 500 undergraduate, masters and doctoral students, including mobility students from over 20 different countries.

DQB offers undergraduate and graduate academic programs in Biochemistry, Chemistry and Technological Chemistry, and houses several research laboratories integrated into two research units, BioISI and CQE.

DQB students are taught and encouraged to address complex issues through critical and creative thinking. They are also encouraged to get involved in research activities from the earliest stages of learning, and to experience internationalization through programs such as Erasmus+, which allow them to start building a broad professional network even before completing their Bachelor's or Master's. They are, therefore, well-equipped to embrace a variety of careers. Thus, DQB graduates are present in industrial, service providing and consulting companies, academic, environmental, forensic and research institutions, as well as in many other job sectors that are not restricted to the Chemistry and Biochemistry areas. Some have become entrepreneurs and created their own companies.

Have a flavor of life at DQB. Come and visit or spend a short internship at specific occasions throughout the year, such as open days, summer schools, the Summer at ULisboa program, or the Chemistry Olympics hosted by DQB.

João Pires da Silva
Head of Department