1st Cycle (Bachelor Degrees)

Application period 2024/2025

First period:

  • Applications: 02 January - 09 February 2024
  • Affixation of selection results: until 07 March 2024
  • Reservation of vacancies / Deposit payment (amount of € 500.00): until 5 working days after publication of the results
  • Affixation of places left: until 01 April 2024

Second period:

  • Applications: 03 April - 24 May 2024
  • Affixation of selection results: until 21 June 2024
  • Reservation of vacancies / Deposit payment (amount of € 500.00): until 2 working days after publication of the results


Number of places (2nd period)

Number of places - 2nd period
Course Places
Biology 5
Biochemistry 5
Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics 5
Energy and Environment Engineering 5
Engineering Physics 4
Geospatial Engineering 4
Informatics Engineering 9
Applied Statistics 5
Physics 5
Geology 5
Mathematics 5
Applied Mathematics 5
Meteorology, Oceanography and Geophysics 5
Chemistry 5
Technological Chemistry 4
Information Technology 5


Admission and application conditions

Please read the Public Notice.



Those that may apply for enrolment and registration in 1st cycle of studies (Bachelor degrees) at Faculdade de Ciências must be:

a) Students that have qualification giving access to Higher Education, meaning any diploma or certificate issued by a competent authority in the country in which it was awarded;
b) Students that have diploma of Portuguese secondary school or equivalent degree;
c) Students that are currently enrolled or have been enrolled and registered in an international institution of higher education, in a course defined as higher by legislation of the country in question, but who have not yet obtained a certificate of higher education and students who have been admitted as international students in higher education in Portugal (Reingresso e Mudança de Par Instituição/Curso).

Application conditions:

In order to apply for a Bachelor degree at Faculdade de Ciências, international students must demonstrate, cumulatively:

a) Having achieved specific academic qualification in the areas of knowledge/expertise required by the course for which they are applying for (applicants must consult the specific access conditions, or equivalent, required for the course they are applying for - available on the page of each course in " Admission Requirements" - Admission Exams");
b) Having the required level of Portuguese language in order to attend that cycle of studies:

  • Attendance in a cycle of studies (Bachelor degree) demands an intermediate understanding of the Portuguese language (B1 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages);
  • International candidates who do not have an intermediate level of the Portuguese language (B1 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) may apply as long as they commit themselves to attend an annual Portuguese language and cultural course.



1. User account creation

Applicant/Student from FCUL, with valid account – login with your student number and password at https://fenix.ciencias.ulisboa.pt/ and access to the application form in the tab “Candidate”.

Applicant/Student from FCUL, without a valid account – you must request new access credentials through one of the following ways:

Afterwards you can access to the application form https://fenix.ciencias.ulisboa.pt/ in the tab “Candidate”.

Other Applicants – you must create an account at https://fenix.ciencias.ulisboa.pt/accountCreation.

Once the account has been created, an e-mail indicating the login (bennuXXXXX) will be sent to the address specified in the form.
To proceed with the application, login at https://fenix.ciencias.ulisboa.pt/ and fill the application form available in the Tab “Candidate”. If you do not receive the e-mail, make sure to check your mailbox SPAM folder.
You can request a new e-mail or recover a forgotten password in https://fenix.ciencias.ulisboa.pt/passwordResetRequest. If the problem persist, feel free to contact support services on suporte@ciencias.ulisboa.pt.


2. Choose the Course to which you are applying for.


3. Fill in all the fields presented in the application “tabs”.


4. Gather the required and mandatory documents for upload, namely:

a) Identification document (Passport, Identity Card. Optional or when authorized simple photocopy of document);
b) A sworn declaration stating that the candidate is neither of Portuguese nationality, nor is included in any of the special conditions that do not confirm their status as an international student, according to the International Student Statute;
c) A declaration confirming the completion of Portuguese Secondary education or equivalent, or, if the academic qualification does not correspond with that of Portuguese secondary education, a confirmatory document which allows admission into higher education by the country in which it was obtained, duly validated by the competent entity/institution of this country, in accordance with current legislation 1;
d) Document confirming final grades achieved in Portuguese secondary education, or the equivalent, indicating the level of classification1;
e) Document proving the approval in the admission exams defined in Portugal for the course of applying, or document proving that the school education obtained approval in the final exams/curricular components that integrate the knowledge by the admission exams defined in Portugal. (The admission exams must have been approved in the calendar year or in the 3 calendar years before the application) 1;
f) Elementary Diploma of Portuguese Foreign Language (DEPLE) or a certificate issued by a ULisboa school stating B1 Level, or a declaration of B1 level in Portuguese language and culture, if the candidate did not attend secondary education in Portuguese;
g) A document confirming attendance in higher education, a certificate stating the grades obtained in the accomplished subjects, a study program from the course of origin and Syllabus and workload of the concluded subjects (only for Students applying from International Establishments of Higher Education) 1;
h) Curriculum Vitae (short).


1  The documents c), d), e) e g) must be issued by the competent authority of the country where the qualifications were obtained and when issued by institutions from non-Community countries must be certified by the Portuguese consular services or be presented with the Apostille (Hague Convention) by the competent authority of the state from which the documents are originated. When these documents are not in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish, they must be translated into one of these languages.


5. Upload the required documents within the Application Form;

Candidates that do not provide all the documents required as instructed will be automatically rejected.  


6. Submit application;


7. Make the payment of the application fee in the amount of 60,00Euros.

The payment of the application fee can be done in two different ways:

  • Bank transfer - for applicants who does not have a Portuguese bank account and does not live in Portugal (applicant must submit the payment proof in the application form);
  • ATM Payment (SIBS) - the payment is only possible for applicants with a Portuguese bank account.

 Payments must be made during the respective application Period.


Throughout the application procedure students will be notified by e-mail and will be able to check their status.


Choice of courses

Applicants that have applied to more than one course, and have been accepted in both of them, must inform the Undergraduate Studies Area (ua@ciencias.ulisboa.pt), as soon as the results are public, of the course the intend to register/enroll. If our services do not get this information in time both applications will be rejected.



For applications to 1st Cycle (Bachelor Degree) - submit here.


Payment of deposit

As defined in the International Student’s Public Notice, for 1st Cycle (Bachelor degree) course applicants, after the result’s outcome, the applicants admitted in the 1st and 2nd Period must pay the deposit (€500,00), as requested. 

Please consult the Despacho D/20/2024.

The deposit must be paid by bank transfer to:

Faculdade de Ciências
IBAN: PT50003508240001225203011

After this payment the applicant must send the proof of payment to faturacao.alunos@ciencias.ulisboa.pt, referring the full name of Student applying.


Applicants admitted to the 1st and 2nd period: the deposit fee must be paid within a continuous period of no more than 5 days following the publication of the results of each application period.