Francisco Gomes Teixeira and the internationalization of Portuguese mathematics

Por Pedro J. Freitas (Ciências ULisboa / CIUHCT).

Francisco Gomes Teixeira (1851-1933) was a remarkable Portuguese mathematician, one of the greatest of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and certainly the most prolific in that period. He maintained regular and intense correspondence with the greatest mathematicians of his time. In this lecture we will present some aspects of this correspondence.

Information geometry in the analysis of phase transitions

Por Bruno Mera (IST).

Abstract: The Uhlmann connection is a mixed state generalization of the Berry connection. The latter has a very important role in the study of topological phases at zero temperature. Closely related, the quantum fidelity is an information theoretical quantity which is a measure of distinguishability of quantum states. Moreover, it has been extensively used in the analysis of quantum phase transitions.