How to find a Fractal function from real data?

Speaker: Cristina Serpa (CMAFcIO).

Fractals are beautiful mathematical objects and are everywhere. It is possible and widely known how such objects are constructed mathematically. A fascinating challenge is how can a fractal pattern be mathematically found from real data? Let us remember that a fractal is chaotic, a dynamic system very sensitive to initial conditions. In this seminar I will present a method that I developed to find fractal functions that approximate real data.

Encontros Abertos do CMAFcIO

Este encontro científico visa dar a conhecer o trabalho dos membros do Centro de Matemática, Aplicações Fundamentais e Investigação Operacional (CMAFcIO), bem como o de colegas de áreas afins pertencentes a outras Unidades de Investigação e promover, na medida do possível, a interação entre os seus participantes.

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Optimal design problems

Speaker: Elvira Zappale (Università Degli Studi di Salerno).

I will present several integral representation results for certain functionals arising in the context of optimal design and damage models, in presence of a perimeter penalization term. I will consider several frameworks, and I will also discuss the case with non-standard growth conditions.

To get access to the password, please register on the website or contact one of the organizers.

Noncommutative Weil conjectures

Speaker: Gonçalo Tabuada (FCTUNL).

Abstract: The Weil conjectures (proved by Deligne in the 70's) played a key role in the development of modern algebraic geometry. In this talk, making use of some recent topological "technology", I will extended the Weil conjectures from the realm of algebraic geometry to the broad noncommutative setting of differential graded categories. Moreover, I will prove the noncommutative Weil conjectures in some interesting cases.