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Departamento de Engenharia Geográfica, Geofísica e Energia

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Ricardo Trigo is an Associated Professor at the Geophysics, Geographical Engineering and Energy Department and Director (between 2018 and 2021) of the Associated Laboratory Instituto Dom Luis (IDL), both at the Faculty of Sciences, Univ of Lisbon. He has published extensively (+290 papers, h=74 Scopus, h=87 Google Scholar) and has been included since 2019 in the list of the top 2% of most cited authors in the world according to several metrics based on Scopus datasets. His areas of research are particularly focused in Natural Hazards, including Floods, Large-Storms, Droughts, Landslides, Heatwaves and Wildfires. In particular how these phenomena in Europe are impacted by climate change, but also their link to large-scale patterns such as NAO, Blocking or Atmospheric Rivers. In recent years he has been working increasingly on longer time scales, studying the impact of solar and volcanic variability with both proxy and early meteorological data. Ricardo Trigo has contributed to more that 350 presentations at conferences, workshops, seminaries at the international level (including oral, poster and virtual presentations). He has been invited to provide 35 talks at the international level and 72 at the national level. In 2011 he edited the book "Hydrological, Socioeconomic and Ecological impacts of the North Atlantic Oscillation in the Mediterranean Region" published by Springer. Ricardo Trigo has participated in more than 20 national projects, mostly funded by FCT but also by large companies related to energy (REN, EDP, E-Redes) and paper production (The Navigator). He has participated in 12 International funded projects, including the ongoing ROADMAP (JPI-Climate) and AMOTHEC (India) as well as the recent IMDROFLOOD (JPI-Water) and INDECIS (ERA_4CS). Ricardo Trigo is currently supervising two PhD students and has supervised successfully 10 PhD students. He has been at the Editorial Board of several journals. Currently he is part of the Editorial Board of NHESS since 2015 and of Climate Research since 2017. In 2008 he was awarded with the International Journal of Climatology Prize endorsed by the Royal Met. Society and in 2017 and 2023 he received the prize University of Lisbon Caixa Geral Depósitos for the scientific production in the previous 5 years in Earth Sciences. In 2022 he obtained an Honoris Causa Doctorate from the University of Extremadura (Spain).

Interesses Científicos

Desenvolveu bastantes trabalhos sobre variabilidade climática, tanto em contexto histórico como no âmbito de cenários de alterações climáticas. Nos últimos anos tem dedicado particular atenção a muitos desastres naturais (inundações, secas, deslizamentos de terra, ondas de calor e incêndios florestais) associados a fenómenos extremos climatológicos.

Publicações selecionadas
  • Barriopedro D., Fisher E., Luterbacher J., Trigo R.M., García-Herrera R., (2011) “The hot summer of 2010: redrawing the temperature record map of Europe”. Science, 322, 220. DOI: 10.1126/science.1201224
  • Vicente-Serrano S.M, Gouveia C., Camarero J.J., Beguería S., Trigo, R.M., López-Moreno J.I., Azorin-Molia C., Pasho E., Lorenzo-Lacruz J., Revuelto J., Morán-Tejeda E., Snachez-Lorenzo R. (2013) “The response of vegetation to drought time-scales across global biomes”, PNAS, 110, 52–57 doi/10.1073/pnas.1207068110
  • Jerez S., Trigo R.M. (2013) "Time-scale and extent at which large-scale circulation modes determine the wind and solar potential in the Iberian Peninsula”, Environmental Research Letters, 8, 044035 (11pp). Doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/4/044035
  • Hernández A., Trigo R.M., Plas-Rables S., Valero-Garcés B., Jerez S., Rico-Herrero M., Vega J.C., Jambrina-Enriquez M., Giralt S. (2015) “Sensitivity of two Iberian lakes to North Atlantic atmospheric circulation modes”, Clim. Dynamics 45, 3403-3417, DOI: 10.1007/s00382-015-2547-8
  • Bastos A., Janssens I.A. Gouveia C.M., Trigo, R.M., Ciais P. Chevalier F., Peñuelas J., R:odenbeck C., Piao S., Friedlingsein P., Running S. W. (2016) “European CO 2 sink influenced by NAO and East-Atlantic Pattern coupling”. Nature Communications, 7, 10315, DOI: 10.1038/NCOMMS10315

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