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This site is generated by FCUL. --- For my personal website, go here: --- I'm a thought developer on evolution and a thought collector of theories and images of life and evolution. I investigate how evolutionary theories require us to re-conceptualize our current worldviews; how evolutionary theories develop in biology; how they are applied to study symbolic (behavioral, sociocultural, and linguistic) evolution; and how biological and symbolic evolution are depicted in diagrams and cosmographies such as cycles, chains, scales, timelines, trees, and networks. Besides writing books and papers, lecturing, and speaking on results obtained from my own research, I actively engage in dissemination activities by editing book volumes and academic journals on these topics; and I contribute to worldwide community building by organizing conferences and workshops as well as by coordinating education initiatives. I am a Researcher contracted by the Faculty of Science of the University of Lisbon, and an Integrated Member of the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Porto, where I am affiliated to the Mind, Language, and Action Group of the thematic line on Modern and Contemporary Philosophy. My work has so far been sponsored by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, The Center for Philosophy of Science of the Faculty of Science of the University of Lisbon, the John Tempelton Foundation, the Marie Curie Actions, the American Museum of Natural History, the Konrad Lorenz Institute, the Flemish Fund for Scientific Research, and the Dutch Free University of Brussels.

Interesses Científicos

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Scientific Interests

Applied Evolutionary Epistemology; Philosophy of the Evolutionary Sciences with focus on Reticulate, Macro, and Human Symbolic Evolution

Publicações selecionadas
  • Gontier, N., Lock, A., Sinha, C. (2024). The Oxford Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution. Oxford University Press.
  • Gontier, N., Bradie, M. (2021). Special issue on Evolutionary Epistemologies. Journal for General Philosophy of Science, 52 (2)
  • Gontier, N. (Ed.) (2016). Special Issue on Evolutionary Patterns. Evolutionary Biology 43 (4).
  • Gontier, N. (Ed.) (2015). Reticulate Evolution. Springer.
  • Serrelli, E., Gontier, N. (Eds.) (2015). Macroevolution. Springer.

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