Teresa Monteiro Fernandes


Departamento de Matemática

Ext. Principal 26209
Telefone Direto 217500295
Email mtfernandes@ciencias.ulisboa.pt


Currículo Resumido

CV resumido em 2018

My main mathematical interests fall on algebraic analysis, D-module theory and related subjects as subanalytic geometry. With Claude Sabbah and other colaborators I have been working on the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence in the relative framework where a long list of open problems remains open. I am at present strongly interested in the connections of D-module theory with other domains like Higgs bundles, and also the utility of D-modules in the understanding of complex integral transformations associated to monic polynomials (work in progress with Daniel Barlet).

Publicações selecionadas
  • Fernandes, Teresa Monteiro; Sabbah, Claude, Riemann-Hilbert correspondence for mixed twistor D-Modules, Journal of the Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu, (2017)1-44.
  • Fernandes, Teresa Monteiro; Sabbah, Claude On the de Rham complex of mixed twistor D-modules International Mathematics Research Notices,Vol 21,(2013), 4961-4984.
  • Fernandes, Teresa Monteiro; Fiorot, Luisa, t-Structures for relative D-modules and t-exctness of the De Rham functor, Journal of Algebra 509, (2018)419-444., Relative subanalytic sheaves, Fundamenta Mathematica vol.226 (2014), 79-99.
  • Fernandes, Teresa Monteiro; Prelli, Luca; Relative subanalytic sheaves, Fundamenta Mathematicae, 228(2014)79-99.
  • Fernandes, Teresa Monteiro; Sabbah, Claude; Relative Riemann-Hilbert correspondence in dimension one, Portugaliae Mathematica(2017)149-159.

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