Departamento de Engenharia Geográfica, Geofísica e Energia

Sala/Gabinete 8.3.37
Ext. Principal 28337
Telefone Direto 217500883

Carreira Docente Universitário
Categoria Professor Associado com Agregação



Scientific Interests

Miguel is interested in everything that relates to solar photovoltaics including

• solar energy potential assessment, in particular in the urban environment

• measurement of solar radiation and solar radiation models, in the present and future climates

• solar energy in present and future energy systems

• solar energy forecasting, for improved energy system management

• photovoltaics technology

• solar energy for remote electrification

Publicações selecionadas
  • J.C. Solano, M.C. Brito, E. Caamano-Martin (2018) Impact of fixed charges on the viability of self-consumption photovoltaics, Energy Policy,122:322-331
  • P Redweik, C Catita, M Brito (2013) Solar energy potential on roofs and facades in an urban landscape, Solar Energy 97, 332-341
  • Minimizing storage needs for large scale photovoltaics in the urban environment (2018) Solar Energy, 159:375-389,
  • P. Nunes, R. Figueiredo, M.C. Brito (2016) The use of parking lots to solar-charge electric vehicles, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 66:679-693,
  • R. Amaro e Silva, M. C. Brito (2018) Impact of network layout and time resolution on spatio-temporal solar forecasting,Solar Energy,163: 329-337,

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