Jorge Relvas


Departamento de Geologia

Sala/Gabinete 6.4.51
Ext. Principal 26451
Telefone Direto 217500354

Carreira Docente Universitário
Categoria Professor Associado com Agregação


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Interesses Científicos

Mineralogy; Crystallography; Geochemistry; Physical Volcanology

Publicações selecionadas
  • Rosa, CJP, Mcphie, J, Relvas JMRS, 2016. Distinguishing peperite from other sediment-matrix igneous breccias: lessons from the Iberian Pyrite Belt. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 315, 28-39.
  • Huston, D, Relvas, JMRS, Gemmell, B, and Drieberg, S, 2011. The role of granites in volcanic-hosted massive sulphide ore-forming systems: an assessment of magmatic-hydrothermal contributions to the ores. Mineralium Deposita, 46: 473-508
  • Relvas JMRS, Barriga, FJAS, Ferreira, A, Noiva, PC, Pacheco, N, Barriga, G, 2006. Hydrothermal alteration and mineralization in the Neves- Corvo volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposit, Portugal: I. Geology, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry. Economic Geology 101-4: 753-790
  • Relvas JMRS, Barriga FJAS, and Longstaffe F, 2006. Hydrothermal alteration and mineralization in the Neves-Corvo volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposit, Portugal: II. Oxygen, Hydrogen and Carbon Isotopes. Economic Geology 101-4: 791-804
  • Relvas JMRS, CCG Tassinari, J Munhá, FJAS Barriga, 2001. Multiple sources for ore-forming fluids in the Neves Corvo VHMS deposit of the Iberian Pyrite Belt (Portugal): Strontium, Neodymium and Lead isotope evidence. Mineralium Deposita 36: 416-427

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Prizes and Awards

2021-06-23 - SGA-KGHM Kroll Medal (Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA))