Windows 11 - IKEv2

1. Right-click the network icon located in the lower right corner.

2. "Open Network Internet settings"

3. Select "Dial-up"

4. Choose “Network and Sharing Center”.

5. Choose "Set up a new connection or network"

6. Choose "Connect to a workplace"

7. Choose "Use my Internet connection (VPN)"

8. In Internet address put: In Destination name enter a name to identify the connection, such as: FCUL IKEv2 VPN. Select "Create".

9. In "Network and Sharing Center", select "Change adapter settings" in the left side menu.

10. Right-click the link you just created.

11. Select "Properties". Select "Security".

12. Here you must enter the following options and then "Advanced Settings".

13. In “Advanced settings”, deselect “Mobility”, click “OK”.

14. Go to the “Networking” tab, select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and then click on “Properties”.

15. Choose “Advanced”.

16. Select “Use default gateway on remote network”. Press “OK”.

17. Now that the connection is properly configured, you can connect to the FCUL VPN. Go to the network icon and select the VPN you just created.

18. Select "Connect".

19. Enter your username and password in the respective fields. In the case of users with a student account, it will be (with XXXXX being the student number). In the case of users with employee accounts, it will be (where ZZZZZ is the account's username). Then select "Ok".