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EU missions in Horizon Europe

Commission launches EU missions in Horizon Europe to tackle major challenges: a new and innovative way to work together and improve the lives of people in Europe and beyond.

EU missions are a novelty of Horizon Europe and also an original concept in EU policy, missions will support research to deliver on the Commission's main priorities and find responses to some of the greatest challenges we are facing today: fighting cancer, adapting to climate change, protecting the ocean, seas and waters, living in greener cities and ensuring healthy soil and food.

They are a new tool that includes a set of actions, such as research and innovation projects, policy measures and legislative initiatives, to achieve concrete goals with large societal impact and within a specified timeline.

Five missions will aim to deliver solutions to key global challenges by 2030:

  • Adaptation to Climate Change: support at least 150 European regions and communities to become climate resilient by 2030;
  • Cancer: working with Europe's Beating Cancer Plan to improve the lives of more than 3 million people by 2030 through prevention, cure and solutions to live longer and better;
  • Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030;
  • 100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030;
  • A Soil Deal for Europe: 100 living labs and lighthouses to lead the transition towards healthy soils by 2030.

Here you can also find the guiding documents for the next steps of the implementation phase of the EU Missions, the Implementation Plans for the EU Missions.

In Portugal this initiative is supported by the National Innovation Agency, and AICIB (Cancer Mission) as part of PERIN network.