Seminário de Geometria

Probing the Thomas and Thomas-Yau Conjecture

Sala 6.1.27, FCUL, Lisboa

Por Gonçalo Oliveira (Universidade Federal Fluminense - UFF).

Abstract (all joint work with Jason Lotay): A standing conjecture of Richard Thomas, motivated by mirror symmetry, gives a stability condition supposed to control the existence of a special Lagrangian submanifold in a given Hamiltonian isotopy class of Lagrangians. Later, Thomas and Yau conjectured a similar stability condition controls the long-time existence of the Lagrangian mean-curvature flow. In this talk I will explain how Jason Lotay and myself have recently proved versions of these conjectures on certain infinite families of hyperKahler 4-manifolds.

CMAFcIO - Centro de Matemática, Aplicações Fundamentais e Investigação Operacional