Spacetime: Emergence and Mereology

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If a non-spatiotemporal structure underlies spacetime and the latter emerges from the former, then spacetime is not a fundamental entity. Leaning on this, it has been defended that fundamental physical objects cannot be spatiotemporal (see, e.g., Wüthrich (2019)). How should the building relationship between fundamental physical ontology and spacetime then be understood? According to whether or not composition is adequate to grasp this relationship, some have proposed understanding it in mereological terms (see, e.g., Bihan (2018)), whereas others have advocated alternatives which overcome mereology (see, e.g., Baron (2021)). The workshop aims to further explore the current metaphysical discussions concerning this relationship by considering different perspectives on the emergence of spacetime and how it relates to fundamental physical ontology, and in particular whether that relationship is to be understood in mereological terms.

  • Keynote Speakers: Sam Baron (Australian Catholic University)  / Baptiste Le Bihan (University of Geneva) / Christian Wüthrich (University of Geneva)
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Jacopo Giraldo (CFCUL/RG2) e João Luís Cordovil (CFCUL/RG2)