Seminário de Lógica Matemática

Non-deterministic semantics for non-classical logics: an approach from the perspective of model theory and universal algebra

Sala 6.2.33, FCUL, Lisboa

Por Guilherme Toledo (Universidade Estadual de Campinas).

Abstract: In this presentation, we will analyze some topics in the formal study of non-deterministic semantics for non-algebraizable logical systems using tools from universal algebra, model and category theory. Specifically, we want to address some open problems proposed in recent work on non-deterministic semantics and algebraization of non-deterministic model of logical systems through swap and Fidel structures. One of the greatest difficulties in the study of non-classical logic, including paraconsistent ones, is that these systems often can not be characterized by verofunctional semantics. In particular, systems of major philosophical interest are generally not algebraizable by the usual methods, such as those of Blok and Pigozzi. Currently, one of the most studied classes of paraconsistent logics is the one of Logics of Formal Inconsistency (LFI), introduced by Carnielli and Marcos in the year 2000 [1]. In [2], Coniglio, Figallo-Orellano and Golzio carried out a study, from the perspective of universal algebra and category theory, of classes of swap structures for several LFI's, beginning with mbC. It was obtained, among other important results, a representation theorem of Birkhoff type for each class of swap structures. An important problem to be addressed is the development of a theory of equations in multialgebras, in order to formally define varieties. This would allow to characterize hyperalgebras in an intrinsic way, making this topic closer to the discipline of universal algebras and of model theory. We will start this communication with a brief analysis of the logics of formal inconsistency, showing then how the swap structures are constructed and how they serve as an algebraic counterpart to LFI's such as mbC. We will show how swap structures can be treated as multialgebras, justifying then our passage to the abstract study of multialgebras. We will discuss its definition, as well as the possible definitions of homomorphism, subalgebra, product, term and identity, emphasizing here how there are still no preferable definitions in this context for each of these concepts. Finally we will use the approach of invariants by class operators to show some possible generalizations of Tarski's theorem for universal algebras. If there is time, we will also mention our recent research on freely generated multialgebras.

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Uma vez por mês, aos domingos de manhã, junte-se à equipa de investigadores da Lista Vermelha de Invertebrados. Participe e contribua para a amostragem da diversidade de insetos em Sítios de Importância Comunitária da Rede Natura 2000.

Candidaturas a programa de apoio ao empreendedorismo na área do mar - MARE STARTUP

A Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, a Universidade Católica Portuguesa, o Fórum Oceano e a Sociedade de Avaliação Estratégica e Risco lançaram em 2015 o consórcio MARE STARTUP destinado a promover o empreendedorismo e inovação empresarial no Mar, como forma

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Phylogeography is one of the recent scientific areas emergent from the dissemination of highthrouput technologies of sequencing starting in the 90’s of the XXth century, with the consequent development of intra-specific genetic variance analysis and its geographic distribution.


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Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

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