Instituto para a Investigação Interdisciplinar da UL


The aim of this workshop is to celebrate the 34 years of CAUL, providing an opportunity for both long time and more recent colleagues to share their work --- as well as their experience as CAUL members and collaborators. It will take place at the Instituto para a Investigação Interdisciplinar of the University of Lisbon, a place that, we trust, carries fond memories. Faithful to CAUL's spirit, we also welcome anyone with an interest in Algebra who wishes to take part in this commemoration.

Plenary Speakers:

Jorge Almeida (University of Porto, Portugal)
John Fountain (University of York, UK)
Victoria Gould (University of York, UK)
Don McAlister (Northern Illinois University, USA)
Daniele Mundici (University of Florence, Italy)
Jean-Eric Pin (University Paris Denis Diderot, France)
Pedro Silva (University of Porto, Portugal)
Patrick Smith (University of Glasgow, UK)
Manuela Sobral (University of Coimbra, Portugal)
Mária Szendrei (University of Szeged, Hungary)

Organizing Committee Mário Branco (CAUL, DM-FCUL, Universidade de Lisboa) Gracinda Gomes (CAUL, DM-FCUL, Universidade de Lisboa) António Malheiro (CAUL, DM-FCT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa) Catarina Santa-Clara (CAUL, DM-FCUL, Universidade de Lisboa) Filipa Soares (CAUL, ISEL)