Aula aberta

Go and Go-routines (at Cloudflare)

Sala 3.2.16, Ciências ULisboa

Aula aberta sobre linguagem de programação Go, por Nuno Diegues (Systems Engineer at Cloudflare).

In this class, we will learn about the challenge of allocating concurrent computing tasks to hardware processors. Programming languages have historically provided low level interfaces to programmers that relied directly on threads. Today, mainstream programming languages (such as Go) solve that challenge in a better way with the idea of coroutines. Hence, we will understand their advantages and study real life examples from Cloudflare (one of the largest companies behind the Internet today).

Bio: Nuno Diegues works on Internet-scale systems at Cloudflare where the objective is to provide secure, reliable and fast products to connect everyone in the world. Before this, he worked on other distributed systems' challenges at Feedzai, Google and INESC-ID. He studied at University of Lisbon, having received his PhD from Instituto Superior Técnico in the field of concurrent and distributed systems.

Departamento de Informática | Ciências ULisboa