Invited Talk | Bioinformática

Ready for BioData Management? An introduction to research data management and data management plans

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Speaker: Daniel Faria (INESC-ID).

Abstract: Scientific data and publications are increasing at an exponential rate, which makes data and knowledge discovery ever more challenging. Good data management practices are key to alleviating this problem, by ensuring that data is published in a FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) way. This has been recognized by funding agencies throughout the world, which now commonly demand open science policies from their fundees, and by publishers, which are starting to require that the data associated with a scientific publication be published in accordance with the FAIR principles. Also commonly required by science funding agencies as part of grant applications are data management plans (DMPs). A DMP is a document detailing what data will be collected by a project (or institution), how it will be collected, processed, described, preserved and shared. Funding agencies are particularly concerned with DMPs demonstrating intent to comply with the FAIR principles. Filling in a DMP is challenging for the untrained researcher, particularly because different agencies adopt different DMP templates. Moreover, because most DMP templates are little more than surveys with free-text answers, DMP validation is typically just a sanity check at the moment of evaluation of the grant application, and the DMP document is seldom used after that. In the first half of this lecture, we will introduce the topic of research data management, discuss its relevance in modern science and the benefits that derive therefrom, dissect the FAIR principles and how to comply with them. In the second half, we will delve into DMPs, analyze existing templates and what information is expected, and focus on the efforts of the Research Data Alliance towards making machine actionable DMPs that can actually support research data management.

Bio: Daniel Faria is a post-doctoral researcher at INESC-ID and a senior member of, the Portuguese ELIXIR node, a research infrastructure devoted to managing data from the life sciences. He coordinates interoperability and data management activities at the national level, while engaging in European-level ELIXIR projects. He is also the co-founder and coordinator of the "Ready for BioData Management?" capacity building programme.
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