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Marine Coastal Ecosystems Biodiversity and Services in a Changing World (MaCoBioS)

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Por Catarina Fonseca (IERS - cE3c / GBA).

Marine coastal ecosystems ( are vital for human well being, providing several ecosystem services like food provision and climate regulation They also play a crucial role in climate change ( adaptation and mitigation through coastal protection, carbon sequestration, flood control, etc However, MCE are vastly threatened by environmental pressures, including CC, which alters their services provision. MaCoBioS is an EU funded project which main objective is to ensure efficient and integrated management and conservation strategies for European marine coastal ecosystems to face climate change. To this end, MaCoBioS has assembled a multidisciplinary team of experts to fill the lack of knowledge on the impacts of CC on some of the most important MCE and four specific objectives have been established: i) develop new empirical models on the interaction between CC, biodiversity, functions and services; ii) establish a framework to assess the vulnerability under CC scenarios; iii) evaluate the effectiveness of nature based solutions, and; iv) provide evidence based guidance for policy formulation. The project started in June 2020 and in this presentation we provide an overlook of the several case studies (covering three different ecoregions) and approaches being used to achieve those objectives and to ensure an effective transfer of knowledge to relevant stakeholders.

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