Girls in ICT @ Ciências.ULisboa

Alargar horizontes, mudar atitudes

Edifício C1, Piso 3, FCUL, Lisboa

O Girls in ICT Day é uma iniciativa de União Internacional das Telecomunicações, com o objetivo de aumentar a consciencialização das jovens mulheres sobre as oportunidades de carreiras na área das Tecnologias da Informação e das Comunicações (TIC).

Pelo terceiro ano consecutivo, o Departamento de Informática da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (DI Ciências ULisboa) associa-se a esta iniciativa, sob o lema “Alargar horizontes, mudar atitudes”.

Apesar das vantagens, das valências, das oportunidades e do uso crescente da tecnologia em todas as áreas da sociedade - o que torna ainda mais relevante a participação representativa da sociedade neste sector - muitas raparigas nem consideram a possibilidade de uma carreira em Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação (TIC).

O Girls in ICT @CienciasULisboa visa consciencializar e promover uma reflexão sobre as oportunidades de formação, carreira e realização pessoal e profissional nas TIC e Informática junto dos jovens, agentes educativos e sociedade.

Estas áreas são cada vez mais multidisciplinares e ambos os géneros têm um papel a desempenhar, pelo que todos são bem-vindos.

O programa inclui palestras, conversas com profissionais e estudantes e ainda workshops de programação. A sessão de abertura do evento, gratuito e que implica prévia inscrição, contará com a presença de Teresa Fragoso, presidente da Comissão para a Cidadania e Igualdade de Género.

Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

Lack of fertile land to feed the exponentially growing population, insufficient water availability and quality, changes in the flow of nutrients through the bio-geo-cycles (especially N and P) and climate and land use changes are impacting ecosystems and their capacity to deliv

Natural History Collections and Biodiversity

Natural history museums are privileged spaces for seminal research on different subjects of biological sciences such as biodiversity, evolution, ecology, biogeography and taxonomy.

Descobre a ULisboa

Nos dias 29 e 30 de janeiro de 2019 realiza-se a exposição interativa Descobre a ULisboa, dirigida aos estudantes do 3.º ciclo do ensino básico e do ensino secundário.

O evento conta com a participação, enquanto moderador do painel 4 “Ética Ambiental”, do professor de Ciências ULisboa Jorge Marques da Silva.

Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

Symbiosis is a key strategy for life on Earth. Nevertheless, although many research groups have long been committed to the study of symbiosis, its definition and functioning are not fully understood, and its ecological role and relevance are still underestimated.

Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

Phylogenetics is one of the scientific areas of Biology that has grown fast and evolved in methodological terms in the last years.

As provas, requeridas por Sara Newbery Raposo de Magalhães, decorrem nos dias 11 e 12 de fevereiro de 2019.

We begin with an introduction to R and provide a protocol for data exploration to avoid common statistical problems. We will discuss how to detect outliers, deal with collinearity and transformations.

Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

The goal of this course is to provide the participants with current and practical knowledge on urban ecology, including ecological and social aspects. It aims at providing an integrated approach on urban socio-ecological systems.

The course starts with a revision of multiple linear regression, followed by a basic introduction to generalised additive models (GAM) to analyse continuous data, count data and binary/proportional data.

O cE3c – Centro de Ecologia, Evolução e Alterações Ambientais está mais uma vez a organizar dois seminários avançados – Seminário I (1.º semestre, em curso) e Seminário II (a decorrer no 2.º semestre, candi

Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

Science is increasingly more present in our everyday decisions, with a fundamental role in global problems.

Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

Nature-based approach to Design solutions for a more resilient future aims to support societies address a variety of environmental, social and economic challenges in sustainable ways. This approach relies on actions that are inspired by, supported by or copied from Nature.

In preparation for the new decade, society urgently needs to implement actions that can make us more resilient to the challenges of the 21st century.

Plastics Heritage Congress 2019

Under the aegis of the Plastics Heritage European Association (PHEA), the Portuguese Center for the History of Science and Technology (CIUHCT) will host the Plastics Heritage Congress 2019.

Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

Phylogeography is one of the recent scientific areas emergent from the dissemination of highthrouput technologies of sequencing starting in the 90’s of the XXth century, with the consequent development of intra-specific genetic variance analysis and its geographic distribution.

Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

This is a mostly practical course offering an overview on different community ecology and macroecological methods and software.

Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

This course offers an overview of the different ways to measure biodiversity, and provides tips for the stratification of primary biodiversity data and the construction of variables that describe its various facets.

Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

Under the general framework of Global Change Ecology, the goal of this course is to provide the participants with the most recent and practical knowledge on the use of Functional Diversity.

Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

Currently, climate changes or alterations are known to be reflected on the stable isotope ratios of Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen and Sulphur present in atmospheric gas forms, fresh or ocean water, as well as in plants and animals and organic matter in the soil.

Cursos Avançados cE3c 2018/2019

With this course, we aim at providing the participants with the basics of lichen biology and ecology, biomonitoring and data analysis methods to allow the use of lichens for the interpretation of the environmental conditions and the development of a responsible scientific-based

XXII Symposium of Cryptogamic Botany

This biennial symposium will gather experts on fungi, algae, lichens,  bryophytes and ferns to discuss up-to-date science on cryptogamic systematics, physiology and ecophysiology, application and technology, and urban, tropical and global change ecology.

15th European Ecological Federation (EEF) Congress

The overarching theme of this conference, Embedding Ecology in Sustainable Development Goals, is intended to promote discussions and interactions on how to integrate basic and applied ecological research, and their trans-disciplinarily impacts, for the eff