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Sala/Gabinete 6.3.52 / 6.3.52
Ext. Principal 526352 / 26352
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Ana Respício (female) is an Assistant Professor at the Informatics Department of the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, where she lectures in the three cycles and where she has had several coordination positions. She is an integrated researcher of the LASIGE research lab. Since 2021, she is an elected member of the ULisboa Senate. She holds a PhD in Statistics and Operations Research (U. Lisbon, 2003). Her research interests include decision support (theory and technologies), optimization, cybersecurity risk management, information security, IoT, AAL, and simulation. She has participated in several R&D projects, funded by the European Commission, by National scientific agencies, and cooperation with industry projects, namely project DOIT – Decentralization and Optimization of IoT aware business processes, in the area of optimization of sensors' networks, and H2020 project DiSIEM, in the area of Information Security and Big Data. Currently, she participates in the XIVT project ( in the area of automated software test generation. She is vice-chair of the IFIP Working Group 8.3: Decision Support since 2014. In 2021, she received an IFIP Service Award. She is Associate Editor of the Journal of Decision Systems and member of the editorial board of IDT Journal and IJIDS. She collaborates with different research funding organizations as evaluator and served as external evaluator of the post-graduation programs of Business Information Systems at University College Cork. She was a founding member of the initiative “Girls in ICT@ Ciências.ULisboa”, established in 2015. She is member of the Portuguese Technical Commission for standardization under the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 - Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection (CT163).

Interesses Científicos

Apoio à decisão; Gestão de risco em segurança informática; otimização; processos de negócio dependentes de IoT

Scientific Interests

Decision Support, Cibersecurity Risk Management, Optimization, Multi-objective Optimization, Simulation, IoT-aware Business Processes

Publicações selecionadas
  • Respicio, A., Moz, M., Pato, M.V., Somensi, R. and Flores, C.D. (2018). A computational application for multi-skill nurse staffing in hospital units. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 18 (1), 53.
  • Cabaj, K., Domingos, D., Kotulski, Z., and Respício, A. (2018). Cybersecurity education: Evolution of the discipline and analysis of master programs. Computers & Security, 75, 24-35.
  • Almeida, L. and Respício, A. (2018). Decision support for selecting information security controls, Journal of Decision Systems, Sup 1, 173-180.
  • Respício, A., & Domingos, D. (2015). Reliability of BPMN Business Processes. Procedia Computer Science, 64, 643-650.
  • Respício, A., Moz, M., & Vaz Pato, M. (2013). Enhanced genetic algorithms for a bi-objective bus driver rostering problem: a computational study. International Transactions in Operational Research, 20(4), 443-470.

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Prizes and Awards

2021-09-30 - Achievement Award (IFORS Societies)