Welcome to the Department of Geology

Welcome to the Department of Geology of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (DG), which has always been the biggest in the country.  DG is dedicated to the study of our planet and has the primary goal of promoting and developing qualified teaching and research in key and applied areas of Geosciences in all cycles of higher education, accompanied by scientific research of excellence and a close connection with public institutions (laboratories, institutes), private companies and society in general (local governments, training centres, etc.) 

DG offers training at the Undergraduate (1st Cycle), Master’s (2nd Cycle) and PhD (3rd Cycle) level. It is also responsible for courses that do not lead to an academic degree, but whose contents respond to the specific needs of practising professionals.

The undergraduate programme in Geology has as its main goal the development of the necessary competences for a qualified performance as a professional geologist in different areas of activity such as scientific research, industry or the resolution of environmental problems. It offers a wide range of training based on solid and eclectic scientific knowledge that promotes multidisciplinary learning, is problem-solving oriented, consolidates autonomy and responsibility and leads to an enhanced employability. Considering the specificities of the labour market in Geology, the strategy followed by DG is to offer a 4 year undergraduate programme which gives it a truly professional and competitive character at both a national and international level.  We also offer the possibility of obtaining a double degree through our protocol with the University of S. Paulo (Brazil), which, among other advantages, widens the possibility for our young graduates to be placed in the labour market.

The Master’s programme (2nd Cycle) aims to consolidate and develop specialised theoretical and practical knowledge, reinforcing laboratory practice and fieldwork, and promoting access to advanced technical laboratories and developing skills for data processing and data interpretation. 

The study cycle leading to a doctorate in Geology aims to train professionals with the capacity to undertake original and autonomous research in the several domains of knowledge in a fundamental or applied perspective through the acquisition of competences and specific skills, thus contributing simultaneously to scientific progress in an academic or professional context.  DG also participates in the Earthsystems PhD programme, which is the only programme in the country of its kind and is directly funded by FCT.  We intend students who graduate from this programme to become competent professionals and citizens with an exceptional perception of the World around them.  To do that we have academic staff that is competent and motivated to transmit knowledge, in each classroom, in their several class and research laboratories, or in the field.

Come and meet us one of these days and let yourself be amazed by the wonders of our Planet.

Conceição Freitas
Head of Department