Plant Biology

Welcome to the Department of Plant Biology

The Department of Plant Biology (DBV) has the aim of teaching, research and knowledge transfer and innovation in the scientific field of Biology in close partnership with the Department of Animal Biology (DBA).

It offers higher education training at the undergraduate (1st Cycle) and graduate (2nd and 3rd Cycles) level, organising courses that lead to the corresponding academic degrees. It is linked to Research and Development (R&D) units that carry out activities in their premises under the management of the Faculty or institutions that participate in them.  Historically, the scientific areas in Biology in which DBV has fulfilled its mission are Genetics, Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology (Plant and microbial), Physiology and Plant Ecology (encompassing terrestrial and marine ecosystems).

FCUL is one of the best national schools in Biological Sciences. Every year, it receives new students for the undergraduate courses in Biology, Biochemistry and Health Sciences (among others) as well as for Master’s and PhD programs in Biology attracting national and international students.

Rui Malhó
Head of Department