Seminário IDL Transição Energética

Using AI for Self Assessment Towards Optimization of Building Energy

Transmissão através de Videoconferência

Speakers: Pedro M. Ferreira (LASIGE), Guilherme Carrilho da Graça (IDL).

Abstract: Existing measurements of equipment and building energy use paint a bleak image: real-life energy consumption often exceeds design predictions by more than 100%. As a result, reducing the gap between designed and measured energy use has become central in current efforts to increase energy efficiency. After the successful introduction of building energy performance certificates, the market is now ready for an assessment of real-life energy use that includes all energy consuming equipment in a given building. With this evolution comes the possibility of optimizing energy performance of the whole building and its energy consuming equipment. This talk will present a recently funded large project (SATO) that tackles this challenge by (1) Creating a new energy self-assessment and optimization SATO platform that integrates all energy consuming equipment and devices in the building; (2) Developing and integrating into the SATO platform a self-assessment framework (SAF) that uses data analysis and machine learning to report energy performance, building behaviour, occupancy and equipment faults. This framework is aligned with the structure of the smart readiness indicator (SRI); (3) Developing a BIM-based interface for aggregated and disaggregated analysis and visualization of the assessments in the various applicable scales and defining locations and specifications of energy consuming equipment, sensors and actuators into a BIM building model; (4) Develop and demonstrate energy management services that use the SATO platform and show how the self-assessment and optimization contributes to lower energy consumption, increased energy flexibility, efficiency and user satisfaction. 

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