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Shared economy and sustainable mobility

Sala 1.3.33A, FCUL, Lisboa

Por Martim Duarte Gama Bustorff (Serviço de Mobilidade VIA VERDE BOLEIAS) e Paulo Martins (Ecooltra ScooterSharing Lisboa | City Manager).

Lending, reselling, giving, swapping, renting are all models that can help to increase the usage duration of resource-consuming goods such as a passenger car. Car ownership in Portugal, has been increasing from 469 car/1000 people, in 2000, to 528 car/1000 people, in 2018 (Lisbon AML 429 car/1000 people, Lisbon city 601 car/1000people). But, observing the Lisbon city in the last 3 years, innumerous attempts to disrupt the private car model are in place: electric car/scooter sharing, conventional/e-bike sharing of this shared economy in mitigating commuting related energy consumption and emissions is still barely quantified in Lisbon. Speakers of two related platforms, Boleias Via Verde and e-cooltra, will present its business model and show some indicators obtained so far.

Departamento de Engenharia Geográfica, Geofísica e Energia