Issuing of Certificates

During their academic studies and/or after completion of a degree, students may request the issuance of certified documents.


Documents granting a degree or title

The award of academic degrees is ensured by the issuance of a Certificate of Registration. Certifications of Registration may be issued in English, at the applicant's request.

The Certificate of Registration comes with the corresponding Diploma Supplement, which is a bilingual document (Portuguese/English).

Formal Diplomas may also be issued to the degrees of bachelor, master and doctor. Formal Diplomas may be issued in English or Latin, at the applicant's request.



Students may also request the issuance of several certificates, including Degree Certificate (BSc, MSc and PhD) and other non-degree programmes, Course Unit Certificate attesting the completed course units and corresponding grades, and Contact Hours per course unit, listed in the programme study plan.


The issuance of a certificate requires the payment of a fee as listed in the Fee List.