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Assistant Professor

Call for expressions of interest in assistant professorship positions at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research of Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa

Over the next months, Faculdade de Ciências is expected to hire assistant professors for the Department of Statistics and Operations Research. The call is directed to PhD holders in the field of Statistics or related areas as, for example, Actuarial Science.

The Department of Statistics and Operations Research develops activities of teaching, research and innovation in a perspective where theory and practice are closely related, that is, we try to solve real and useful problems in a rigorous and accurate way. The department is interested in new members capable to work in this approach, scientifically well prepared and motivated, who like to teach and who want to work at Faculdade de Ciências.

The department offers good opportunities because, at present, it is passing trough an ongoing process of renewal. The teaching load combines service courses to undergraduates in other scientific areas of the school with courses in degrees (undergraduate and graduate) with strong concentration of studies in Statistics and/or Applied Mathematics. We offer good working conditions: modern facilities with plenty of space, a very complete library, electronic access to journals, individual office, as well as the opportunity to integrate one of the research centers affiliated with the department (these centers may provide financal support for research). The department is working in interdisciplinary research projects and in innovation projects with private companies or public services, to which we expect younger members to contribute.

Those interested in answering this call should contact our secretarial office using the e-mail address nucleoc6@ciencias.ulisboa.pt. Interested parties should send a CV including contacts for, at least, two letters of recommendation, and teaching and research statements. Each of these statements should be at most one page long (not counting references). Candidates are expected to be able to teach in Portuguese.

The call is permanently open but two official positions in the area of Statistics should open in the coming months.