Modelling ternary fluid flows with free energy lattice Boltzmann method

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Por Halim Kusumaatmaja.

Abstract: I will present a free energy lattice Boltzmann approach to simulate multicomponent fluid flows. Focusing on ternary fluid systems, I will discuss models where the density is the same for all fluids [1], and where high density ratios between the liquid and gas components can be achieved [2]. I will then discuss several applications. First, I will discuss the dynamics of drops moving across liquid infused surfaces [3,4]. These are liquid repellent surfaces made by infusing a lubricant into porous or rough solid surfaces. Second, I will present collision dynamics between two immiscible drops [2]. We are able to capture bouncing, adhesive and insertive regimes, in agreement with experimental observations. Third, I will show our numerical study on generating emulsion droplets using a microfluidic channel [5]. I will demonstrate the rich morphologies that can be achieved by varying the fluid surface tensions and flow rates.

[1] C. Semprebon et al., Physical Review E 93, 033305 (2016).
[2] M. Wörhwag et al., Physical Review Letters 120, 234501 (2018).
[3] M. S. Sadullah et al., Langmuir 34, 8112 (2018).
[4] M. S. Sadullah et al., Communications Physics 3, 166 (2020)
[5] N. Wang et al., Journal of Fluid Mechanics 895, A22 (2020).

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