Agregação em Ciências do Mar

Provas de Agregação "Produtos do mar e nutrição: importância dos lípidos"

Sala 6.2.56, FCUL, Lisboa

As provas, requeridas por Narcisa Maria Mestre Bandarra, decorrem nos dias 03 e 04 de dezembro de 2018.

No dia 04 de dezembro, será apreciado o sumário do seminário/lição com o título "Produtos do mar e nutrição: importância dos lípidos".


Objectives: This is a mostly practical course offering an overview on different community ecology and macroecological methods and software.

Objectives: This course introduces the field of island biogeography, a discipline that has long influenced other research areas such as macroecology, community ecology, evolution and conservation biology.

Objectives: This course offers an overview of the different ways to measure biodiversity, and provides tips for the stratification of primary biodiversity data and the construction of variables that describe its various facets.

Objectives: The course aims at enabling the participants to use different methods to measure the impacts of pollutants on ecosystems.

Objectives: Acquire knowledge regarding bioinformatic tools available to predict nucleic acid (RNA, DNA or Nucleic Acids Mimics) and protein three-dimensional structure, as well as autonomy and critical thinking in the use of those tools.

New date: 30 August - 03 September 2021.

This conference is the 22nd in the series of triennial conferences which bring together the Particle and Nuclear Physics communities.