Tânia Morais


Sala/Gabinete 8.5.34
Ext. Principal 28546 / 28534
Telefone Direto 217500954
Email tsmorais@ciencias.ulisboa.pt
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Scientific Interests

My research interests are mainly focused in the design and development of new organic, inorganic and organometallic drugs put in perspective for applications in healthcare. Currently I am involved in the design and synthesis of new ruthenium(II/III),) iron(II) and copper(I) complexes containing targeting molecules (e.g. peptides, carbohydrates, biomolecules) in their structure for the selective inhibition of the growth of cancer cells and metastases. Also, I am interested in the evaluation of the studied compounds as potential drugs and interaction studies with biomolecules (DNA, serum proteins, enzymes).