José Baptista Coelho


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I'm an Invited Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.

Both my undergraduate and Msc degrees were in Informatics Engineering and Information Systems at Faculdade de Ciências.

In 2010, I joined LaSIGE, from which I have been a member for a period of eight years. My research interests are on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), with my PhD work was focused on exploring the design and development of multimodal Social Network Services for older adults focusing on both HCI and User-Centered Design.

During my time at LaSIGE I have authored 22 peer-reviewed papers and have participated in three distinct European Projects, all tackling older adults population. I have also co-supervised 4 MSc thesis.

I've previously been an Invited Assistant Professor in two distinct faculties and universities, teaching Programming courses at FCUL for 3 and an half years (2012-2016) and Information System Technologies for one year and an half at Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies (ESHTE).

In the last years I have been awarded twice with the PhD Student Best Researcher Award from LaSIGE (2016, 2017) as well as with a Best Paper Award (2016).

Interesses Científicos

Interacção Homem-Máquina

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Scientific Interests

Human Computer Interaction

Older Adults

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Publicações selecionadas
  • Jose Coelho, Carlos Duarte, Pradipta Biswas, and Patrick Langdon. Developing accessible TV applications . In The proceedings of the 13thinternational ACM SIGACCESS conference on Computers and accessibility, ASSETS '11, pages 131{138, New York, NY, USA, 2011. ACM.
  • Jose Coelho, and Carlos Duarte. A literature survey on older adults’ use of social network services and social applications. In Computers in Human Behavior, vol. 58, Pages 187-205, 2016
  • Jose Coelho, Fabio Rito, Nuno Luz, Carlos Duarte. Prototyping TV and Tablet Facebook Interfaces for Older Adults. In Proceedings of INTERACT 2015, 15th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 9296, pp. 110-128, Springer, Bamberg, Germany, 2015.
  • Jose Coelho, Fabio Rito and Carlos Duarte. "You, me & TV” - Fighting Social Isolation of Older Adults with Facebook, TV and Multimodality. In International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 98, 38-50, 2017
  • Compagnucci, L., Spigarelli, F., Coelho, J., & Duarte, C. (2020). Living Labs and User Engagement for Innovation and Sustainability. Journal of Cleaner Production, 125721.

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