João D Ferreira


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I have a PhD in Bioinformatics, which was supervised by Prof. Dr Francisco M. Couto. My overall academic goals relate to the areas that apply computer processing power to contribute to information systems problems, with application in biological and biomedical problems (e.g. issues related to electronic health records or DNA analysis) but also in news analysis, geospatial issues, search engines, etc. I have specifically dealt with semantic similarity measures and other semantic web technologies (e.g. ontologies, RDF language, SPARQL, etc.) using several programming languages to this effect, such as Java, Python and recently Rust.

I have had several teaching opportunities in the past: I tutored the lab classes for two distinct courses in Master programmes of the Faculdade de Ciências (2012 and 2013). I have also lectured a Semantic Web theoretical class to Master students of the Faculdade (2015). I have taught for two semesters in DI-FCUL.

I have published in visible journals in the field of Bioinformatics: I published in journals proper (PLoS, Oxford Bioinformatics, J Biomedical Semantics etc.), in conferences of the area (e.g. PACBB and ICBO) and also wrote some technical reports (e.g. in Repositório da Universidade de Lisboa).

I have also performed several peer-reviews for high-impact journals in the area (BMC Bioinformatics, J Biomedical Semantics, J Epidemiology & Community Health), and for conferences (ICBO, PACBB, etc.).

Interesses Científicos

Representação do conhecimento

Exploração do conhecimento

Ontologias (do domnínio biomédico e outros)

Semelhança semântica

Web semântica

Prospecção de texto

Simulação bioquímica (modelação)

Desenvolvimento Web

Scientific Interests

Knowledge representation

Knowledge exploration

Ontologies (from the biomedical domain and also other domains)

Semantic similarity

Semantic web


Biochemical simulation (modelling)

Web development

Publicações selecionadas
  • A Lamurias, JD Ferreira, FM Couto (2015). Improving chemical entity recognition through h-index based semantic similarity. Journal of Cheminformatics 7(1): S13.
  • C Pesquita, JD Ferreira, FM Couto, MJ Silva (2014). The epidemiology ontology: an ontology for the semantic annotation of epidemiological resources. Journal of Biomedical Semantics 5, 4.
  • JD Ferreira, J Hastings, FM Couto (2013). Exploiting disjointness axioms to improve semantic similarity measures. Bioinformatics 29(21):2781-’2787.
  • JD Ferreira, D Paolotti, FM Couto, MJ Silva. (2012). On the usefulness of ontologies in epidemiology research and practice. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
  • JD Ferreira, FM Couto (2010). Semantic similarity for Automatic Classification of Chemical Compounds. PLoS Computational Biology.

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