Elisabete Malafaia


Departamento de Geologia

Sala/Gabinete 6.4.46

Email efmalafaia@ciencias.ulisboa.pt
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Categoria Investigador FCT nível junior


Currículo Resumido

Elisabete Malafaia is a Junior Researcher at the Instituto Dom Luiz (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa) and associated researcher of the Grupo de Biología Evolutiva of UNED since 2013. She obtained her PhD in Geology (speciality in Paleontology and Stratigraphy) in 2017 with a dissertation on the fossil record of theropod dinosaurs from the Upper Jurassic of the Lusitanian Basin. Her research mainly focuses on the analysis of the anatomy, systematics, paleobiology, and paleobiogeography of Late Jurassic theropods from the peri-Atlantic realm. She has developed first-hand analysis of several collections with theropod remains (e.g. Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, England, North Africa) of different ages from the Middle Jurassic to the Upper Cretaceous. Her studies focusing the macroevolutionary history of theropods, particularly correlating with the evolution of the opening of the North Atlantic Ocean. She has a broad experience on cladistic analyses of theropods and has also skills on other methodologies, such as photogrammetry, and morphometry. She has collaborated in several outreach and educational activities, including production of thematic exhibitions (7), lectures, seminars, and congresses, coordination of trainees and volunteers in paleontological excavation and prospecting as well as on laboratorial activities of conservation-restoration of vertebrate fossils. She has participated in more than two tens of paleontological field-works in Portugal (co-directing 8 of them), Spain, and United States. She was an active researcher in six R&D projects funded by public entities of Spain and Portugal. She also was responsible for three European research projects under the Synthesys program and four other projects funded by the Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento (Portugal), Sociedad Española de Paleontología (Spain), Jurassic Foundation (USA) and The Paleontological Society (USA). She has established several collaborations with international researchers (e.g. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Madrid), Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont (Barcelona), Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich, and Dinosaur Institute of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County). She has several publications in Science Citation Index (SCI) journals both as first author (9) and as co-author (11) as well as in abstract books of scientific meetings (40). She is co-editor of three scientific books, acted as reviewer in one dissemination book and in five scientific papers (PeerJ, Historical Biology, and Journal of Iberian Geology). She is also co-author of paleontological exhibition catalogues (4) and in dissemination articles for newspapers (1). She has collaborated on television documentaries and radio programs about paleontology and has been actively involved on several actions aimed the preservation and enhancement of Paleontological Heritage.