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Email clpesquita@ciencias.ulisboa.pt
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Cátia Pesquita is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa. She is also an integrated researcher at LASIGE, where she leads research projects in the fields of knowledge engineering and data mining, with applications in the areas of biology and biomedicine.

Her contributions to the areas of semantic similarity in ontologies, ontology alignment, and semantic data integration are internationally recognized and she has been an invited keynote at two important conferences in the field (ISMB / ECCB 2017 (Bio-Ontologies) and Data Integration in the Life Sciences 2018). She has more than 50 publications in journals and international conferences, including the most prestigious journals and conferences in the areas of Bioinformatics and Semantic Web (BMC Bioinformatics, PLoS Computational Biology, Journal of Biomedical Semantics, International Semantic Web Conference, EKAW), with an h-index of 24 and more than 2900 citations (as of July, 2019).

Together with her research team and in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Chicago she develops the AML software for ontology matching and semantic data integration. In 2016, AML was awarded the Pistoia Alliance Award for Alignment of Biomedical Ontologies, and in 2017 it won the IBM Award for Instance Alignment.

More recently, she has developed research in the area of Semantic Web interaction, and is one of the organizers of the workshop Visualization and Interaction for Ontology and Linked Data (VOILA), and also of the Interactive Matching track at the international competition Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative.

Her academic career is multidisciplinary, with a Bachelor's degree in Biology, a Master's degree in Bioinformatics and a PhD in Computer Science, from the University of Lisbon.

Interesses Científicos

Ontologias, Knowledge Graphs, Semelhança Semântica, Alinhamento de Ontologias, Prospecção de dados, Web Semântica, Bioinformática

Scientific Interests

Ontologies, Knowledge Graphs, Semantic Similarity, Ontology Matching, Data Mining, Semantic Web, Bioinformatics

Publicações selecionadas
  • Oliveira D, Pesquita C. Improving the interoperability of biomedical ontologies with compound alignments. Journal of biomedical semantics. 2018 Dec;9(1):1.
  • Cheatham M, Pesquita C. Semantic Data Integration. In Handbook of Big Data Technologies 2017 (pp. 263-305). Springer International Publishing.
  • Pesquita C, Ferreira JD, Couto FM, Silva MJ. The epidemiology ontology: an ontology for the semantic annotation of epidemiological resources. J. Biomedical Semantics. 2014 Jan 17;5:4.
  • Pesquita C, Couto FM.Predicting the Extension of Biomedical Ontologies. PLoS Computational Biology. 2012.
  • Pesquita C, Faria D, Stroe C, Santos E, Cruz IF, Couto FM. What’s in a ‘nym’? Synonyms in Biomedical Ontology Matching. In The Semantic Web–ISWC 2013 2013 Oct 21 (pp. 526-541). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

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