Bernardo Ferreira


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Sala/Gabinete 6.3.22
Ext. Principal 26378
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Currículo Resumido

Bernardo Ferreira is an assistant professor at the Computer Science Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the NOVA University of Lisbon in 2016. He has participated in multiple national and European research projects and has led a national research project with participation from two major Portuguese universities. He has also published in multiple top tier venues (S&P, DSN, TDSC) and has been an invited reviewer for various international journals and conferences.

Scientific Interests

My main interests are in distributed systems security and privacy, with special focus on cloud computing, decentralized systems, computing on encrypted data, and searchable encryption.

Publicações selecionadas
  • Robin Vassantlal, Eduardo Alchieri, Bernardo Ferreira, Alysson Bessani. COBRA: Dynamic Proactive Secret Sharing for Confidential BFT Services. Proceedings of the 43rd IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P'22)
  • Manuel Barbosa, Bernardo Ferreira, João Marques, Bernardo Portela, Nuno Preguiça. Secure Conflict-free Replicated Data Types. ICDCN'2021 - Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking.
  • Bernardo Ferreira, Bernardo Portela, Tiago Oliveira, Guilherme Borges, Henrique Domingos, João Leitão. Boolean Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Filters on Trusted Hardware. 2020. IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing.
  • Bernardo Ferreira, João Rodrigues, João Leitão, Henrique Domingos. Practical Privacy-Preserving Content-Based Retrieval in Cloud Image Repositories. 2017. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing.
  • Bernardo Ferreira, João Leitão, Henrique Domingos. Multimodal Indexable Encryption for Mobile Cloud-based Applications. DSN'17 - Proceedings of the 47th IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks.

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