Ana S. Viana


Departamento de Química e Bioquímica

Sala/Gabinete 8.3.08
Ext. Principal 28308 / 28346/47
Telefone Direto
Extensão pessoal 28308/ 28347

Carreira Docente Universitário
Categoria Professor Associado



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Scientific Interests

Electrochemistry, surface (bio)functionalization, including nanomaterials, with organic coatings (self-assembled monolayers, biomimetic supported lipid membranes, adhesive polymers, metalloporphyrins, biomolecules) for biosensing and electrocatalysis. Expert on high resolution imaging (from atoms to bacteria, using scanning tunnelling and atomic force microscopy), electrochemical and optical characterization techniques (e.g. ellipsometry and surface plasmon resonance).

Publicações selecionadas
  • L. C. Almeida, T. Frade, R. D. Correia, Y. Niu, G. Jin, J.P. Correia, A. S. Viana “Electrosynthesis of polydopamine-ethanolamine films for the development of immunosensing interfaces”, Scientific Reports, 2021, 11, 2237.
  • L C Almeida, RD Correia, G Squillaci, A Morana, F La Cara, JP Correia, AS Viana, Electrochemical deposition of bio-inspired laccase-polydopamine films for phenolic sensors Electrochimica Acta 319, 2019, 462-471
  • I Almeida, F Henriques, MD Carvalho, AS Viana*, Carbon disulfide mediated self-assembly of Laccase and iron oxide nanoparticles on gold surfaces for biosensing applications, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 485, 2017, 242-250
  • J. T. Marquês, R. F. M. de Almeida*, A. S. Viana* “Lipid bilayers supported on bare and modified gold - formation, characterization and relevance of lipid rafts”, Electrochimica Acta, 2014, 126, 139-140.
  • Y. Niu, A. I. Matos, L. M. Abrantes, A. S. Viana*, G. Jin*, Antibody oriented immobilization on gold using the reaction between carbon disulfide and amine groups and its application in immunosensing Langmuir 28, 2012, 17718-17725

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Prizes and Awards

2022-04-27 - Menções honrosas de Docência de Excelência em Ciências (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa)