Ana Leal


Departamento de Biologia Animal

Ext. Principal 22579
Telefone Direto 217500000

Carreira Investigação



Publicações selecionadas
  • Impact of cork extraction on birds: relevance for conservation of Mediterranean biodiversity (2011) AI Leal, RA Correia, JP Granadeiro, JM Palmeirim Biological conservation 144 (5), 1655-1662
  • High water roost selection by waders: maximizing feeding opportunities or avoiding predation? (2006) S Rosa, AL Encarnação, JP Granadeiro, JM Palmeirim Ibis 148 (1), 88-97
  • Land-use intensification promotes exotic species in a tropical island bird assemblage (2020) Soares FC, Panisi M, Sampaio H, Soares E, Santana A, Graeme MB, Leal AI, Palmeirim JM & de Lima RF. Animal Conservation
  • Is research supporting sustainable management in a changing world? Insights from a Mediterranean silvopastoral system (2018) AI Leal, RA Correia, JM Palmeirim, MN Bugalho Agroforestry Systems 93 (1), 355–368
  • Grazing improves habitat suitability for many ground foraging birds in Mediterranean wooded grasslands (2019) AI Leal, M Acácio, CFJ Meyer, A Rainho, JM Palmeirim Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 270, 1-8

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