Soft Skills - courses and other initiatives (1st Cycle)

GAPsi - Psychological and Educational Support Office


In the first semester of each academic year, GAPsi organises a series of lectures for Faculty of Science’s students, teachers and researchers, presenting topics related to soft skills. Some of the topics are:

  • Time management.
  • Anxiety regulation and emotional management.
  • Establishment of personal goals and their achievement.
  • Search for 1st job and professional selection processes.
  • Comunication and Assertiveness.
  • Public Presentations.
  • Personal Marketing.
  • Interpersonal relationship.

The purpose of these lectures is to give some strategies related to the topic and to raise awareness of the importance of those skills in the participants’ personal experience. There is not a previous schedule of lectures. A set of topics is selected to be addressed each year.


Study Methods Course

Training program for 1st cycle students and integrated master of Faculty of Science. It occurs at the beginning of the second semester of each academic year and aims to develop competencies that influence academic success and acquisition of effective strategies for organizing the study.


FCUL Volunteer Programme

The FCUL Volunteer Programme is aimed at 1st cycle, master and 2nd cycle students and the main goal is to give support to Faculty of Science´s special needs students. The aim is to develop values such as solidarity and tolerance, as well as to promote the integration and equality of opportunities to the special needs students of the Faculty of Science.


Tec Labs - Innovation Centre

The Tec Labs organizes annually the program ScienceIN2Business, which includes a cycle of entrepreneurship training workshops for Faculty of Science’s students, teachers and researchers. The ScienceIn2Business workshops that are most closely associated with soft skills development are:


Introduction to entrepreneurship

A workshop that aims to capacitate the participants to the basic concepts of entrepreneurship in its various forms and to present which are the main skills of an entrepreneur. On the other hand, the workshop will intend to present the main methodologies associated with entrepreneurship initiatives and to analyze the Portuguese startup scene, highlighting the acceleration and incubation of new businesses.


From idea to business

With this workshop we aim to present and work around the concepts of creativity and ideation and then to advance along the paths of the methodology of Design Thinking as a model to create value. On a second moment, the stage of business construction is focused, highlighting two crucial themes: value proposition and business model.


Communicating a business idea

A workshop that intends to make a brief introduction to the science communication subject, emphasising two main topics: how should I communicate my business to investors, clients and media, and how can I promote it using growth hacking and digital marketing strategies.


Employability Office

Sciences Jobshop

Sciences Jobshop is a privileged contact forum between the labour market and finalist students as well as recent graduates from the various Faculty of Science’s courses. The event includes several training workshops on soft skills which are relevant to employability.

Employability workshops with companies

Lectures and workshops with invited companies are regularly organised for students of all study cycles. The purpose of these events is to provide students with insight on employers' employability issues, with a particular focus on the type of candidates they are seeking, the personal skills they value, and how the recruitment process takes place.