Rapid Testing Programme

The third phase of the national Deconfinement Plan foresees the resumption of face-to-face activities in Higher Education, accompanied by the implementation of testing conditions for SARS-CoV-2 for teaching staff, researchers, non-teaching staff and students who develop their face-to-face activity.

Therefore, the testing programme at the Rectory of ULisboa is now part of the Testing Programme articulated between the General Directorate of Higher Education and the Portuguese Red Cross. The coordination of the testing programme at the Rectory of ULisboa will continue to be the responsibility of the Medical Centre of ULisboa but, in this new phase, a collection centre will be created at Ciências ULisboa which, as of 19 April 2021 (if the third phase of deconfinement is confirmed), will operate as follows:


Ciências Collection Centre

  • Test supply: the Portuguese Red Cross supplies the test kits, on a weekly basis, to the Rectory of ULisboa, which distributes them to the different collection centres of the ULisboa Schools. Between 19 April and 18 June 2021, a total of 6300 tests are expected to be performed at the Faculty of Sciences.
  • Users: employees, scholarship holders and students of the Faculty of Sciences who are working face-to-face are covered by the rapid testing programme. Employees of external companies and visitors are not covered by this programme.
  • Test type: rapid antigen tests.
  • Collection site: Building C4, Central Library atrium (room 4.2.07).
  • Opening hours during June and July (working days):
    • Monday: morning + afternoon (9 am - 12.30 pm and 2 pm - 5.30 pm)
    • Thursday: morning (9 am - 12.30 pm)
  • Tests without appointment: considering the exam registration calendar, it will not be feasible to call students for prior booking of the COVID test. Therefore, from Monday, 10 May onwards, the Testing Programme operate without prior booking, by direct admission of users at the collection point during opening hours.
  • Biological sample: the collection of the biological sample and the carrying out of the test is done by a nurse, hired by the Rectory of ULisboa.
  • Logistics: user admission, support to nursing staff, general logistics and posting of results is carried out by non-teaching workers of the Faculty of Sciences.
  • IT platform: the management of users, invitations and test results is carried out on the IT platform already in use since November 2020.
  • Communication of results: users with a positive result are contacted by phone within 30 minutes after the collection. If no contact is made within this period, users should assume that the result was negative. At the end of each testing period, all users will be informed of the results of the performed tests.
  • Institutional e-mail: invitations and test results are sent to the e-mail addresses @fc.ul.pt/@ciencias.ulisboa.pt or @alunos.fc.ul.pt/@alunos.ciencias.ulisboa.pt.
  • Fortnightly testing: limiting the spread of COVID through early detection of cases is critical to the safety of the entire Faculty community, so students and faculty members should be tested before their first examination and regularly every fortnight thereafter. The testing program is still available to other Faculty members who carry out R&D activities or other activities in a face-to-face or mixed regime, working also in a direct admission regime and with a recommended fortnightly testing.
  • Prevention measures: everyone involved in the testing process should comply with all COVID-19 prevention measures, available here.


Positive tests

Users whose rapid test result is positive are contacted by telephone within 30 minutes after collection. In this case, they should repeat the biological sample collection for confirmation of the result in a laboratory analysis through an RT-PCR test. Repeat biological sample collection for confirmation of positive rapid test results will be performed at the Laboratory of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Users with a positive rapid test result should send as soon as possible a message to the e-mail address covid19@ciencias.ulisboa.pt with the necessary information for contact tracing among Faculty members, as indicated in COVID-19 cases linked to members of Ciências: how to act:

  1. The last day you were in person at the Faculty;
  2. Name and contact details of Faculty members you have been with without wearing a mask (including during meals), within a distance of less than 2 metres and cumulatively for 15 minutes or more in the 72 hours preceding the date you took the test.


Urgent tests

Suspected cases or contacts with confirmed cases can still propose themselves for urgent diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2 infection, by sending an e-mail to covid19@ciencias.ulisboa.pt:

  • Indication of case and type of connection
  • Full name
  • Category
  • Employee/student number
  • Institutional e-mail
  • Mobile phone number
  • National Health Service user number (or, in the case of foreign citizens, identification document number)

Test scheduling is only possible after sending all the stated information.


Digital test certificate

The digital test certificate for the tests carried out in Ciências can be obtained on the SNS24 page - COVID Digital Certificate.

However, it is important to clarify the procedure used, namely:

  1. The data of the tests carried out daily at Ciências is sent to the National System of Epidemiological Surveillance (SINAVE) by the Rectory services, from 8 pm of the same day.  The sending of results to users by e-mail does not automatically lead to their submission to SINAVE.
  2. In addition, there is a time interval between sending the data and the possibility of obtaining the certificate, related to updates between systems;
  3. Therefore, it should be considered that the test certificate is only available from 8:00 am on the day following the test.


For more information, please contact covid19@ciencias.ulisboa.pt.