FCUL Board, Departments and Units are responsible for the preparation of new cooperation protocols and the development of existing protocols.

Protocols are needed for acts such as:

  • Hiring of academic staff;
  • Specialised Education/Training;
  • Transfer of resources or access to infrastructures;
  • Mutual and public recognition of an effective cooperation;
  • Internships;
  • Setting up of awards;
  • Participation in consortiums and cooperation networks;
  • Confidentiality or liability agreements.

Protocols may be bilateral or multilateral. Examples of multilateral agreements are:

  • Trilateral protocols entered into by FCUL, an FCT doctoral student and a company within industry PhD Scholarships;
  • Consortium protocols that implement joint projects without subcontracting;
    • Many consortium research projects - namely QREN projects or even R&D projects funded by the FCT - involve protocols between all parties, with or without direct involvement of the contracting entity.

It is common that specific agreements follow generic protocols, in order to legally cover services that involve the transfer of money.

The management of a new protocol is the responsibility of the R&D and Innovation Unit that:

  • provides relevant prior information or protocol models that may be applicable;
  • interacts with the Board for approval and the Departments for the negotiation of details;
  • interacts with other parties in order to draft the final documents to be signed;
  • interacts with the Financial Resources and Asset Unit whenever a protocol may lead to an expense or income;
  • updates information onto the LOGOS - MUNDUS system.

Direct contacts should be made with FCUL Board as soon as a need is identified in order to assess possible strategic issues.

You can consult the Cooperation Protocols entered into by the Faculty of Sciences or the University of Lisbon. You may filter the information by:

  • Institution;
  • Type of institution;
  • Nature of the cooperation;
  • Country / Foreign entities;
  • Start year;
  • Keywords (entered in SUBJECT MATTER of the Protocol).


Board: José Manuel Rebordão
R&DU: Carmina Melo