Project Management

R&D and service projects are a key research component in the relationship with the outside and access to funding.

Academic staff and researchers of the Faculty may ensure the management of R&D projects in two ways:

  • Foundation of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon
  • Faculty's R&D Unit

Some types of projects have to be managed by the Faculty:

  • Projects financed by funding programmes that require reporting of costs incurred with payment of teachers, researchers and technicians hired by the Faculty: for example, PORTUGAL2020;
  • Sponsorship projects, as the FCT has not granted FFCUL the right to manage such projects;
  • Projects that do not finance general expenses of the institution (such as, scientific refitting programmes).

The rules of financial management that the Faculty is obliged to comply with as a state institution are restrictive and strict and, therefore, demand long preparation of all procedures - being them acquisitions, missions or contracts. Many are also subject to the appraisal and approval of the Rector of the University of Lisbon.

The Financial Resources and Assets Unit is fully liable for the financial performance of projects, as it has to ensure at all stages the formal and accounting accuracy of all expenses and revenues.

Services and Contacts

FCUL R&D Unit and FFCUL coordinate efforts to provide the following services to head researchers:

1. Support to the submission of applications

  • Design and validation of the funding model
  • Access to online submission sites, when applicable

2. Processing of contractual documents

  • Meetings with contractors and subcontractors
  • Signing by the Faculty Dean

3. Initial drafting of expenses and income statement and follow up of its processing by the Financial Resources and Asset Unit
4. Management of agreements entered into with scholarship holders and researchers funded by projects
5. Drafting of financial implementation reports
6. Dialogue with funding entities regarding administrative and financial issues


R&D Unit contacts

Sílvia Gomes
Vera Candeias

FFCUL contacts

Centre for National Projects
Centre for International Projects
Centre for the Provision of R&D Services