Fernando Ornelas

(Em Ciências até Abril de 2021)



Interesses Científicos

Geologia Estrutural, Tectónica, Modelação Experimental e Numérica de processos geológicos a todas as escalas (do grão mineral à Tectónica de Placas), Tectonofísica, Geodinâmica

Scientific Interests

Structural Geology, Tectonics, Experimental and Numerical Modelling of geological processes at all scales (from the mineral grain to Plate Tectonics), Tectonophysics, Geodynamics

Publicações selecionadas
  • Marques, F. O., Cobbold, P. R., 2002. Topography as a major factor in the development of arcuate thrust belts: insights from sandbox experiments. Tectonophysics 348, 247-268. ISI JCR – 57
  • Marques, F. O., Coelho, S., 2001. Rotation of rigid elliptical cylinders in viscous simple shear flow: analogue experiments. Journal of Structural Geology 23, 609-617. ISI JCR – 55
  • Marques, F. G., Cobbold, P. R., 1995. Development of highly noncylindrical folds around rigid ellipsoidal inclusions in bulk simple shear regimes - natural examples and experimental modeling. Journal of Structural Geology 17, 589-602. ISI JCR – 44
  • Marques, F. O., Ribeiro, A., Munha, J. M., 1996. Geodynamic evolution of the Continental Allochthonous Terrane (CAT) of the Braganca Nappe complex, NE Portugal. Tectonics 15, 747-762. ISI JCR – 34
  • Marques, F.O., Catalão, J.C., DeMets, C., Costa, A.C.G., Hildenbrand, A., 2013. GPS and tectonic evidence for a diffuse plate boundary at the Azores Triple Junction. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 381, 177-187. ISI JCR – 23

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